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Mesotherapy Treatment in Florham Park, NJ


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There are (2) distinct treatments for Mesotherapy which include the emulsification and reduction of fat and in the treatment of cellulite. Fat reduction is easily achieved in small fat pocket areas such as the eyes, chin, underarms, saddlebags, love handles, and bra strap areas using PC/DC (50/42) which is a fat emulsifier commonly found in the foods we eat including salad dressings and margarine. Once the mechanism of action occurs, the fat is absorbed back into the body. Multiple injections (# of treatments) are required and may not work effectively on older patients, lax skin, and for patients looking for instant gratification.The formation of cellulite occurs when lipids accumulate in fat cells of the hypodermis, the cells increase in size, pressure reduces circulation, metabolism is reduced, and the connective tissue stiffens pulling down on the skin. This is why the other contributing factors to cellulite are important in that it effects the vascularization of the connective tissues as well as the lymphatic drainage and the even distribution of fat that makes up the skin. Here are the areas of treatment for Mesotherapy\:

Double Chin
Jawline improvement
Abdomen contouring
Underarm treatment

As a cellulite treatment, Mesotherapy is used as an irritant to force the body to diffuse the irritant through additional vascularization and lymphatic drainage. Over a period of injections using a cocktail mix of non-harmful and natural irritants noticeable improvement to cellulite areas occur as the subcutaneous fat chambers are rejuvenated from the increased vascular and again become elastic thus diminishing or eliminating the dimpling associated with cellulite. The injections are made to the subcutaneous fat chambers where engorged fat chambers or inelastic fibers (bands) are causing the skin irregularity. Increased vascular and lymphatic drainage occurs because of the irritants injected and thus the body reacts to these chemicals. Besides using different medications, Mesotherapy cellulite treatments require many more injections to the affected area, require many more treatments, and can take several months to complete. Diet, nutrition, and other cellulite conjunctive therapies enhance Mesotherapy cellulite treatments including the main culprit of cellulite – estrogen dominance among women. Since cellulite is multi-factorial so should the treatments be in controlling and reversing the indication of cellulite.


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