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PRP Hair Restoration Specialist

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PRP Hair Restoration Q & A

Why is Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) beneficial for hair loss?

Latest technology and scientific research facilitate the healthcare sector with a new understanding of tissue and wound healing. Consequently, the medical community recognizes “Platelet-Rich Plasma” is a natural autologous therapeutic procedure performed by physicians for skin, scalp, and hair stimulation.

Platelet-Rich Plasma, also known as PRP, is a therapy or treatment for hair loss. It involves three steps treatment in which physicians draw the individual’s blood, process it, and then injects it into the scalp.

Many medical professionals think that PRP hair restoration treatment does not only trigger the natural growth of hair but also increase blood supply to the individual’s hair follicles. In this way, it increases the thickness of your hair shaft.

PRP treatment for hair restoration is sometimes combined with other procedures and/or medications. Recent research studies have proven the effectiveness of PRP for hair restoration. This medical approach has been applied in various health institutions and clinics across the United States for three decades. Primarily, PRP medical therapy is used for healing ligaments, injured tendons, and muscles.

Is PRP safe?

Overall, PRP treatments are a safe option with absolutely no risk of allergic reactions. It is your own blood! Nonetheless, it requires a needle to be placed in your body or scalp, so there are risks of infections, nerve damage, and bleeding. But, these risks do not happen often and are very rare! Dr. Chitalia ensures that he takes all necessary precautions to help prevent the likelihood of negative reactions to the treatment.

How long does it take for PRP to start working?

The hair restoration process, including preparation, cleaning, and recovery typically takes approx. 1-2 hours. After the procedure, you may feel a little pain at the PRP injection site. However, it will diminish within a couple of days.

Does PRP help hair growth?

Recent research studies have shown that PRP hair restoration procedures are a safe and effective treatment for many patients. 80% of patients experience a noticeable and favorable improvement in thickness, density, and growth of their hair within a couple of months of undergoing the treatment.

What are the side effects of PRP?

Side effects can include dizziness, mild nausea, and passing out.

How many treatment sessions will you need?

Dr. Chitalia recommends that you repeat PRP treatment every 1-2 months. Some patients may need maintenance therapy annually. It depends on the severity of hair loss.

* Individual results may vary